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Client:                                                              Date of Birth:
Address:                                                         City:                   State:                       Zip:  
Telephone:                                                    Cell:                    


Next of Kin:   


  1. The above listed Client hereby retains Taylor Lee & Associates, LLC (the “Firm") for legal representation based on the following terms and conditions.  Initials:  


  1. Client retains the Firm to provide only the below listed services:  


Client represents and warrants that [appropriate selection to be specified at intake after consultation with Taylor Lee staff]. Initials:


As a result, the Firm will file with the government a petition to adjust the legal status of the aforementioned person, and for a waiver of any grounds of inadmissibility, if available.  The Firm will respond to all Requests for Evidence related to the Client’s filings, if any.  The Firm will accompany the Client on any interviews related to the filings.  The Firm will also file for a work permit, if eligible.  However, the Firm will not file any administrative appeals or motions to reopen for these filings, without amendment to this Letter of Engagement and additional fees. (the “Services”) Initials:


  1. The Firm shall begin work on the Services upon the Client agreeing to the payment terms set forth below (the “Fees”), and the Client providing all documents and information required for the Services (the “Required Documents”). Initials:



  • General demographic and family information for both Petitioner and Beneficiary
  • Filing Fees for Immigration

For I-130/Petition for Alien Relative: $535.00 Check or Money Order to Department of Homeland Security

For I-485/Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status and Fingerprints: $1,225.00 Check or Money Order to Department of Homeland Security

  • Documents for Petitioner
  1. Copy of Passport, Birth Certificate (translated), or Citizenship Certificate.
  2. 2 Passport photos (2 inch x 2 inch)
  3. Copy of Divorce Decree (If any)
  4. Copy of Marriage Certificate
  5. Evidence that the marriage is in good faith: it may include bills, statements, taxes, receipts, or other documents in your name and with the current (or previous address where you have lived with your Couple) and family photographs
  6. Last 3 years Filed Taxes (Federal and State) and W-2 or 1099
  7. Employment Verification Letter or last 3 payment stubs
  • Documents for Beneficiary
    1. Copy of Passport, Visa, and Birth Certificate (translated)
    2. 6 Passport photos (2 inch x 2 inch)
    3. Copy of Divorce Decree (If any)
  • Children’s Birth Certificate (inside or outside marriage)
    1. Evidence that the marriage is in good faith: it may include (but is not limited to) bills, statements, taxes, receipts, or other documents in your name and with the current (or previous address where you have lived with your Couple) and family photographs
  • Medical Exam (I-693/ Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record USCIS Form and Complement), ask us for a list of USCIS approved doctors in your area. Bring results in closed envelope. Do Not Open The Envelope!
  • I-94/ Arrival and Departure Record copy (Card that you received when entered into the United States, which states your arrival date and length of authorized stay).
  • Police Record Background (Ask for a list of police stations in your area).
  • Copy of I-130/Petition for Alien Relative or I-140/Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker approval letter. (If you were granted or applying under Section 245-(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (which may allow you to apply for adjustment of status to lawful permanent residence without leaving the US even if you entered the U.S. unlawfully or overstayed your immigration status).



  1. The Fees for the Services outlined herein shall be $2,000.00 (TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS).  The Client agrees to pay the Fees as follows: Client will make an initial payment $    .00 and will pay the remaining balance of $________ in ______ monthly payments of $250.00 with monthly installments, which should be made by the  ____  day of each month (the “Payment Plan”).



  1. If the Client fails to make any of the monthly payments agreed on, the Firm can unilaterally terminate this Letter of Engagement and file any necessary court documents to withdraw from the aforementioned Services. In addition, if the Firm should complete the Services prior to completion of the Payment Plan, the Client’s obligations under the Payment Plan will continue until satisfied. Lastly, if the Client or the Firm terminates this Letter of Engagement for any reason before the completion of the Services, any refund of the Fees paid will be limited to only unearned fees. Initials:


  1. The Client is responsible for ALL filing fees, fines, expert fees, or other necessary expenses that may occur related to the Services.  Client also understands that timing is often of the essence, and in the event that the Firm is not able to reach the Client, it may have a detrimental impact upon the outcome of the Services.   Initials:


  1. The Firm does not and cannot guarantee any outcome related to the Services. Furthermore, if the Client fails to provide accurate criminal or immigration history, fails to obey any Court order, or violates any state or federal law during the provision of the Services which affect the outcome of the Services, the Firm will not be held responsible for any legal or other type of consequences brought about by the Client’s acts or omissions. In such event, the Firm also reserves the right to modify, at its discretion, the Fees for Services or terminate this Letter of Engagement in its entirety, without any liability to the Client. Initials:


  1. The Firm will inform the Client of any actual or potential conflict of interest that may arise between the Client and the Firm or any other client. If a dispute arises, the Firm will obtain written consent from the Client to continue with the Services. If the Client and/or the Firm are not aware of a conflict of interest in and such conflict arises, the Firm could be prohibited from representing the Client.  Initials:


  1.   The Client shall inform immediately the Firm of any changes relevant to the Services, including, without limitation, any change in the Client’s address or telephone number.   Likewise, Client agrees to provide any documents or information necessary to complete the Services.  Client also acknowledges that the failure to maintain contact with the Firm may negatively impact the outcome of the Services.  The Client also authorizes the Firm to contact any Next of Kin. Initials:


  1.   Client has discussed the Services listed above, and has chosen to pursue that course of action with the Firm, even if there are more expensive or less expensive representations options available. Initials:  


  1.   Client understands and acknowledges that the Firm is a collection of attorneys, and that the Firm cannot guarantee which of its attorneys will handle the case. Initials:  

  •   During the intake process, Client met with and was interviewed by Christopher Taylor, or another designated intake attorney.  However, Client understands and acknowledges that Christopher Taylor, or another intake attorney, is not the attorney who will be primarily responsible for  Client’s case. Client also understands that an attorney, other than Christopher Taylor, will be assigned to handle Client’s case, and that once the attorney assignment is made, Client will be contacted by the responsible attorney.  Lastly, the Firm will also assign a paralegal as point of contact for Client in the case.  The contact paralegal for the Client’s case will be:

_ __________________________________



Telephone Number




  1.   The Firm will notify Client immediately if there is a change with regard to the assigned attorney or paralegal for Client’s case. Also Client understands that due to scheduling conflicts, sometimes Client may be represented at a hearing or court appearance by someone other than your assigned attorney. Initials:  

  • Client acknowledges and understands that there can be no changes made to the Services set forth above, unless the change is written in a new Letter of Engagement. Initials:

  •  Client acknowledges that, if seeking to adjust status and/or avoid deportation, the Firm has advised you that performing the Services may expose the Client to the possibility of deportation, including in some cases, actually agreeing to deportation. However, despite these risks, the Client acknowledges that Client understands the risks, has discussed the risks with the Firm, and still wishes to proceed with the representation set forth in the Services. Initials:

  •  The laws of the State of Georgia and the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Georgia shall govern this Letter of Engagement. In addition, in the event of any dispute between the Client and the Firm other than a dispute over Fees, Firm and Client agree that the dispute shall be settled exclusively by arbitration with an arbitration service provider agreed to by the parties. Initials:


So agreed this ____ day of _______, 2017.


CLIENT: (on behalf of )

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