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I am the 4th generation of Venezuelan Juris Doctors bearing the same name in my family, former partner of Brito-Moreno Law firm in Venezuela, a Non-conformist when comes to serve and love to others and a strong advocate of justice for the weak and the persecuted.



Started working as a Paralegal more than 12 years ago with my grandparents and father at Brito Moreno Law firm, founded by my great-grandparent, Noe Brito-Moreno, more than 70 years ago and passed to my grandfather, and then to my father after him.

Since 2015 I dedicated most of my time and career to provide Pro-bono services through the Church, in Venezuela at the beginning and in Colombia. I have gathered more than 12 years of experience litigating, reviewing the law and advocating for justice and fairness, especially for those less fortunate, which has built me up as a professional but more importantly as a human being.



I went through Law School in Venezuela, obtaining my Law degree in 2015. I kept my search for knowledge with a Criminal Law Specialization degree that helped me reach my Juris Doctorate. Also obtained an Immigration Law Specialist degree in 2022, from Washington University.

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